Thursday, March 03, 2005


I haven't touched the MythTV bow for a while (meaning I haven't fiddled with the settings for awhile..), but now I feel that I should wrap up the first stage of the project.
What I have done is:

  • Installed Gentoo on a new box. This is important as it has not been within 3 meters of a Windows install medium. I am very proud of this fact. The bow works ok, but makes a little to much noice.
  • Installed MythTV, MythWeb, MythWeather, MythNews, MythMusic, MythVideo, MythPhone and MythDVD. I have also ported the Mythtvburn-scripts from KnoppMyth to a "properly installed" Myth. This works great, except I cannot burn the DVD yet (this is a kernel issue though).
  • Go the #%! IVTV driver to work on the exotic version of PVR-350 i bought.
Right now, I see a couple of things that will have to be dealt with in order for me to be satisfied with the system:

  1. Get the DVD writer to write DVD:s. This is annoying since I have fiddled with DVD burners before, with good results. Also, I have found a post reporting "no problem" with Linux and the specific driver I have. Arrghh!
  2. Get the transcode deamon to work. I think there is a persmission thing somewhere.
  3. Get FM radio to work. This is not supported in MythTV any more, but I would be happy to fire up an external applikation (such as kradio) for this through LIRC. I have tried the console app 'radio' but it could not tune into anything. Back to seaching the IVTV lists again.
  4. Find the solution for the low TV playback volume. Recording volume is ok.
  5. Install a secong TV card. I am reseaching DVB cards.


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