Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Please, keep my settings..

Yesterday, I finallly got the remote to work on the Myth box. Rather, I enabled MythTV to use it! I found that the group change I had set up in devfsd.conf was re-set in an external file included at the bottom of the main file. So, the group was changed to video and then back into root again.. no wonder MythTV could not use the remote.

Now, just a couple of things remains until I've got a working box:
  1. Set up the channels in MythTV. Recording noise is not as much fun.
  2. Get nvram-wakeup to work. The A7V400-MX is mentioned in the CVS sources, so I'm confident this will work. I will probably have to join yet another mailing list..
  3. Figure out how the image import module works. So far, I have been unable to use this module.
  4. Fix some BIOS settings. Right now, BIOS time is GMT+1, which makes everything gathered by XMLTV appear in the tableau a little later than we would need it to be. Also, I have to remove the 00:00:00 time wakeup I included for testing purposes. It works a little too well... :-)
  5. Connect audio to my speakers. Also, I will have to get the mixer in MythTV to work correctly.
I think that is it. Appart from posting a couple of feature requests... :-)


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