Thursday, February 10, 2005

Missnamed Blog.. up until now.

It struck me that the Blog I was writing in was sligtly miss-named. So far, finding a gentle Gentoo and MythTV install has not been much of a problem. MythTV installed nicelly and ther are plenty of good guides around. Put together, they cover most aspects of the install process and also give plenty of good advice as to how to best set up the rest of the environment.

The major proble of the install has been getting my tuner to work correctly with the IVTV driver.
Don't get me wrong, the driver works correctly, but I have to say that there should be PAL oriented guides out there. To set up PAL, you sometimes have to first understand non-PAL and then make modifications to that for PAL. Frequent changes in the parameters needed in order to get the various modules to wok with PAL doe not help the end user either.

However, now everything in the TV based frontend works and everyone is happy. I have recorded my first show and the result was fine althought the sound was very low due to a low set recording volume. I should really set up btaudio so that I could grab sound from the tuner instead of the loopback cable to the soundcard.

I said earlier that the Blog might have beeen miss-named. That was then, this is now. Now it is correcly named. Now my main obstacle is the web frontend. I get Internal server error everytime I try.. there must be some permissions missing somewhere.. perhaps the links are wrong? I'll have to check tonight.


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