Friday, February 25, 2005

Gmail is beautiful...

Not much has happened in my MythTv box for a while. The most important features just work now.. while the playback volume issue is odd, I really does not see it as a significant feature anymore.
The most important part is that the recording volume is ok, and it seems to be just that... ok.
I've ported the mythtvburn scripts from Knoppmyth to the "properly installed Myth" and it is now possible to select recordings and create a DVD image for burning.. complete with menu navigation and everything! The only remaning thing is to get DVD burning to work with the version of cdrecord and kernel that I have installed. I figure that this has to do with the removal of CD writing from the kernel at 2.6.8.. maybe the patched gentoo kernel does not fix this issue?

I find myself having less and less time for the MythTv box, and since the installation is now in a usable state, maybe it does not matter som much. In the install process, I joined a number of mailing lists that I would like to keep in touch with. Some of these mailing lists are, however, high volume lists that I would like to not have to worry them filling up my account in case I don't pop them very often. I think I will use my newly registered Gmail account for this. The speed and storage is excellent and I can access it from any computer.


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