Friday, February 04, 2005

Cold boot...?

The card jsut refuses to tune properly. FOr somem reason, I cannot get a better picture than what I got a cuole of days ago. I searched the fora some more and found something related to PVR-150 that said there was a "cold boot"-problem in the driver for that card. Apparently, people had got it to work by starting it in window$ first and then warmbooting it into linux.
It seems that some register is set by the windows driver that are missed by the ivtv driver and the card keeps it's settings when the computer is just rebooted.

Also, I found some posts mentioning that loading a subset of the modules initially, removing them and then loading all drivers (this time including the tuner module) might do the trick.
I'll try that.. booting into windows just in order to set a register seems a bit over the top.


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