Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sometimes when you aren't even trying.. it just works.

Yesterday, I decided that I would spend some time trying to get the MythTV box into a working state again in the post-Freevo era. Getting it to tune properly again was a no-brainer, but sound would not work... not even in MythMusic. So, I decided that I would reinstall the alsa drivers for the on-board graphics chip (ADI1880). For some reason, I also got it in my head that I should build the intel8x0 also.. it is mentioned in the alsa docs as an alternative to via82xx, but it did not work when I fiddled with it in the beginning of the install of Gentoo.

Using the via module, I got some results, but the output was still not very good. Howver, when I switched to the intel8x0 module, the via82xx got pulled in automatically (without me saying so) and sound is perfect! Even in Live TV! YIIHAA!

Finally, the MythTV box works like it should regarding TV recording and music. My port of Mythtvburn still works, but the burner still gives me a headache. I have got in contact with a Gentoo user for whom the exact same burner "just worked". I am now trying to get him to send me information on his setup. Next, I will have to buy a second TV card and a joypad for MythGame :-)


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