Monday, July 04, 2005

KnoppMyth has got some competition

The alternative to doing a full Linux install and then figuring out and installing the components needed for MythTV is to go with a pre-packaged distribution known as KnoppMyth. This distro is based on Debian and installs quite easilly it seems (I have not tried it myself, but I have seen it been done), but the problem is just that this is Debian. I ran debian on my boxen a couple of years back, and I noticed that all the media stuff that I did want to use (like Mplayer) needed a bunch of libraries with *much* higher version number than the packages available in Debian unstable. As a consequence, I started getting a /usr/local that was almost as large as the rest of /usr (QT and GTK helped aswell). When scanning the archies in Mythtv-users, I definatelly see people needing to compile a bunch of stuff on their own.. I mean the IVTV driver is usable with a recently bought card only if you run the unstable branch.

Maybe a change in base distribution for knoppmyth is the key. Dennis Hand seems to think so. He has recently announced a Fedora Core-based distribution solely devoted to provide a simplistic install of MythTV on a computer. It is called MythDora and even provides a Fedora Core port of the Mythburn scripts. Check it out.


Anonymous Thom Paine said...

I'm most interested in doing this as well. I tried a gentoo install on my old laptop, and was quite successful.

I'll work at gentoo on my mythbox this weekend.

4:47 pm  

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