Friday, June 10, 2005

No port this time, just a patch..

The mess I got into last week was due to a half-ready port of the mythburn shell scripts to a more general environment. Luckilly, the bad code killed itself in the process by removing itself from the disc. Now that I have the system up again, I decided agains starting to restructure the code to a distributable package again and just fix the thing that needed fixing. I've posted a patch here that takes me from the current CVS to code that will generate a correct DVD structure (with menues and chapters) as well as with thumbnails that are not blue inhte faces and not up-side-down.
Hope this will help someone.

Someone should get the urge to continue the work done on a MythTV frontend part of the scipts that are in the CVS. Web scripts are great, but there is something strange about having to fire up two computers in order to burn a DVD of the recordings. I don't know QT and is not really up to it right now, but since the code that acually does the work is in shell scripts already, it might not be that difficult to make a "selection" application in QT.

I tried nuv2disc. The thing is set to operate in 800x400 or more screen resolution. I have not been able to scale it down to 720x576 which is the TV out reolution of a PVR-350 in a PAL country. I don't like guessing which buttons I am pushing..


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