Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fire in the hall!

I must admit that I gave up on burning from MythTV. The main obstacle seemed to be the DVD+RW device itself which would not burn an entire DVD in Linux. I updated the firmware, tried both the ATAPI and SCSI interfaces for burning, upgraded the kernel to a version that would work for this burner and finally rebuilt Gentoo completelly using a set of USE flags I got from a guy in the Gentoo forum.
Yet, it would not work. At least not until a two days ago.

When trying a Plextor USB writer at work, without problem, I got an idea that there might be a driver-disc-interface issue here. Trying a bunch of combinations of disc and interface using a new version of cdrecord-proDVD finally got me a sucessful burn of a Video-DVD image on a DVD+RW disc that I could then play as a DVD in MythDVD. Now, I will toss the non-working DVD-Rs I bought a while back and try to find another brand that works. I am getting close in this!

For MythTV part, I am planning to use the mythburn scripts fount here. I've ported it a while back from KnoppMyth to "Proper" Myth, and I like it so myuch that I will make a more easilly distributable port of it and give it to the maintainer. The script is too good to just fade away.
I like it much better than the nuv2disc package.


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