Monday, June 06, 2005

Not sure about udev..

The system is up again. I decided to go with Gentoo dispite the compiling time.. although this time I started at stage3. Stage1 builds are cleansing for the soul, but boring when you just like to get the damn thing to work.

This install (which I really hopoe will be the last one I do) was of course much less work then the first one. The settings stored in this blog and in the Gmail archives of ivtv-devel, mythtv-users and mythtv-sweden lists really helped. Mostly copy-n'-paste and wait for gcc to finish.

The major obsticle has been udev. I know that devfs is not perfect, and even really unflexible when it comes to removable devices, but for me it is more important to get drivers for static hardware to work. No matter what I tried, i could not get the video devices readable by the system. The filsystem in /dev reported the correct attributes, but i got error everytime I tried to access them.
Switching back to devfs did the trick.

Maybe m just being a n00b, but if this is the state of udev, my thought is that it was prematurelly released.


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