Saturday, January 29, 2005

On my way...

Last night I tried to install the new Gentoo box. Acctually, I started the whole process on wednesday,but sometimes things do not go you way.

Everythin in it is new and the thought was that the new processor, motherboard and RAM would go into my girlfriends computer. Turns out that Window$ does not like you changing IDE controller alot so my girlfriend was forced to choose between a total reinstall of the OS or keep the computer like it was... she chose the latter. (I don't think she trusted my computer skills enough). :-)

I tried to install from stage 2, but there was a strange error with db during bootstrap, so I proceeded with the stage 3 install. So far, I have had 2 major challanges:

1) The new motherboard (A7V400-MX) needed a BIOS upgrade in order to properly recognize the Sempron processor. The problem is that I do not have a floppy drive anymore. "Who needs them in this modern world?", right... well I can tell you .. the people trying to upgrade their BIOSes.. I managed to borrow an USB drive from work, found an old Windows 98 crash disk and inserted the new image on that. This used to be a simple thing... now I cannot even format a boot diskette in windows 2000.. What can I say.. I've been taken by the penguins...

2) Sound. The MB had an internal 6.1 sound card on it that people had been able to use in Linux. The via82xx ALSA driver loaded ok, the card was unmuted and all mixers were at 100% -- but no sound. After a couple of hours I now play music on a headless desktop computer. [Note to self: I the manual says that the externa audio connector should be connected, do that or use the supplied (and default) jumpers. It helps.]


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