Monday, October 05, 2009

Gentoo breakdown -> Mythbuntu trial

I've been abroad for a year (and did not update my Gentoo box so often before that either to be honest) so now when I tried to install som file sharing on the box, the whole installation broke. Apparently,  I had managed to pass the point where my old Gentoo installation was upgradable to the new system, and what I found in the forums were that a re-install seems to be the only way around this problem.

I have no time for this, I am afraid. I have to get on with work, and have lots of other projects to take care of. Building the Gentoo box was a great learning experience for me, but now I just need a quick-fix solution. Enter the ready-to-run solutions that I have seen becoming more and more mature and sensible, and more specifically the Ubuntu-based Mythbuntu.

I have to say that I am impressed. With just a few hours into the system, I have managed to get most of it up and running. What remains is to make sure that it will start up at indicated times, and that the remote control will work as it should. Wireless, SMB sharing and all that stuff just works though, as does most of the other stuff that I found troublesome before (like the graphical boot thing). A quick fix to the problem, and it seems good enough for me to stick with it. So, I may change the title of this blog at some point... I just have to find a sexy one :-)

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