Friday, July 28, 2006

Image from inside the new case..

Originally uploaded by dargosch2003.
I said that I would post a picture on the new case, but I haven't. SNow, since I hav already posted a picture of the front, whic h I find quite nice för at PVR comupter case with this price tag, so I will not post any more pictures of the front.

Instead, I provide you with an image of what the case is like when trying to fit a whole setup in there. There are 2 PVR cards and a WiFi card filling the slots, the first harddrive is behind the DVD-RW drive and the second drive is underneathe the DVD. As you see, there is plenty of room for air to flow ;-) Luckilly, there is a vent just over the CPU and two 6mm fans mounted ot the back, othervwise, this thing would probably burn my house down.


Anonymous Simon Flood said...

Hi Fredrik,

I'm also interested in using the Enlight 7473 case for my HTPC.

Which motherboard are you using? From your photos it looks like one with 1x AGP and 3x PCI slots.

Many thanks,


3:24 pm  

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