Thursday, October 25, 2007

I had it all.. but now it is gone!

Wow.. I have not updated this blog in a loong time now. The reason for this is mainly that the system was working fins and I saw no need to touch the setup.

Recently, however, I descided to update my IVTV driver ant therefore also the kernel to 2.6.22. I should NOT have done that. In the end, I faced a networkless, databaseless and TV output-less MythtTV box with no way of fixing all the missing dependencies. Hmm.. I never learn.

I descided to give MythDora a try and I liked the experience in the beginning. However, in the end, I found myself annoyed about a number of things, such as startup scripts and management of WPA configuration on my wifi card.

So, I decided to move back into Gentoo... and that is where I am now. Maybe I'll try to uuse the nVidia card I have lying around for TV out instead of the PVR-350 card so that I will be able to use some advanced graphics acceleration and graphical boot on the TV.

We'll see..


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