Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MythArchive seems to rock!

One of the most frequently re-occurring topic on the mythtv-users list (and this blog) is that we would like to have some way of creating backups of recordings on DVD that is playable on a stand-alone DVD player. The previous solution was to use the Mythburn scripts, which worked well for some and less well for others.

Now, there is a new program on the way: MythArchive. Some people are already using it off the svn, but I, like always, do not trust svn versions unless that is all that is available. With the imminent release of a new MythTV, I figure I can wait a while for this.
What does NythArchive do? This is from the WIKI:

MythArchive is a new plugin for MythTV that lets you create DVDs from your recorded shows, MythVideo files and any video files available on your system.

Not bad eh? Speficically, it does:

* Creates DVDs complete with a themed menu structure
* New menu themes can easily be added
* By using different themes you can do things like create auto play DVDs that have no menus etc.
* Can use not only Myth recordings but also files from MythVideo and any file accessible from your file system
* Can use mythtranscode to cut out commercials from mpeg2 recordings.
* If a file isn't an mpeg2 file or the file doesn't have a DVD compliant resolution it will be re-encoded using ffmpeg so it is DVD compliant.
* Can use any video file that ffmpeg can decode and re-encode to mpeg2.
* Can re-encode the audio stream to ac3 for better compatibility in NTSC countries.
* Tries to select the best audio track based on what you have selected as your preferred languages in Myth
* Can support two audio tracks per title. (not tested fully)
* Can use single layer or dual layer dvdr's
* Can use rewritable DVD+/- RW
* Can force an erase of a rewritable disc
* Can create an ISO image that can be moved anywhere on your file system possibly so you can burn it on another machine.

Also, it incorporates a RAW archive format that enables you to dump the recordings, with all the meta data attached, on disk and then restore it from MythArchive whenever you like.
Also, it is implemented in Python, so maintenance of the code will be smoother and less prone to be a victim of the 'rm -Rf /' incident.

With my new, and working, DVD burner, I am very excited about this program. I liked MythWelcome alot, but this will definitelly take MythTV to another level. I wonder what the Google summer of code will bring...


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