Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nice new harddrives...

One thing you can never have too much of, that is harddisk space. This is particularilly true when coming to PVR applications. I suffered fo a long time with a 80 GB hard drive, storing everything from the OS, temp space for DVD image creation and recordings. Not an ideal situation.
So, when I got the opportunity to byu anothe one at a low price, I took it. Nice feeling to have some room, and since I, in the install process, listned to advice given about lvm, the upgrade was a breeze. Suddenly I had two harddrives looking as one and with 137 GB storage on it.

Now, a while ago I had my birhtday, and my nice brother descided to give me something nice. A shiny new HARDDRIVE with 250 GB storage on it. Suddently, I have got 377 GB of space for recordings, movies, music and photos. AND, I got dedicated partictions for temp spaces, which is very handy when transcoding or arhiving the recordings. I must admitt that I am abusing the "Record every showing of this program" option....


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