Friday, June 09, 2006

Killer new case!

I finally did it. After about a year of complaining about the case I originally bought for the MythTV box, last week I ordered a new one. I went for the Enlight EN-7473 mATX case with a retro look to it. I do not mind plugging this case, since I LOVE it. It is perfect for me, and really fits in with the rest of whole TV/Entertainment system setup in most homes.

There are a few things that I particularly like:

* The CD/DVD is hidden behind a VCR-looking cover.
* Most things are accessible from the front panel
* On the right side of the front, there is a sliding panel which reveals a 3.5" slot. With the case came a 3.5" media card reader fitted in this slot. Convenient, since noone still uses the 3.5" bay for anything else.
* Two 6 mm fans fitted on the back of the case with a Y-cable to the Motherboard regulating pins.
* The funnel + vent just above the processor fan. I guess adding some sort of tube would help pull the heat from the processor outside of the case as soons as it is passed from the processor fan.
* The power button, panels and even the case feet helps with the impression that this is an appliance rather than a computer.
* It is strictly mATX, meaning that the case is not bigger than it would have to be,

I will post pictured of it from when I installed it later...